Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fulton Sheen Visits Orphanage in Peoria, IL

Fr. Fulton Sheen returned home on May 8, 1932 from his work at the Catholic University of America.  He received a warm welcome as featured guest speaker in celebrations at the Guardian Angel Home (orphanage), Peoria, IL, USA.  Mass was celebrated by Bishop Schlarman, with Fr. Sheen attending.  This rare footage was an amazing find!
“…The Diocese of Peoria is profoundly grateful to Dr. Fulton Sheen, a priest of this diocese and known all over the world, for leaving his pressing duties at the Catholic University at Washington and coming here to be with us on Orphans’ and Mother’s day.   Dr. Sheen will speak from this platform this afternoon at four o’clock.  My deepest appreciation to you, Dr. Sheen.”
(From the sermon of Bishop of Peoria Joseph H. Schlarman)