Monday, July 12, 2010

EWTN mentions "Servant of All" film on website

We are excited that EWTN has posted a news story about "Servant of All" on their website.

New film on Archbishop Sheen coming to US screens

Archbishop Sheen is returning to the screen—this time, as a candidate for sainthood, and as the subject of the new film "Servant of All." The film, which documents the beloved evangelist's early rural upbringing and rise to international fame as a television and radio personality, will begin screening in cities across America this month. The documentary was produced by the Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation to promote the archbishop's cause for canonization, and to showcase Sheen's personal virtues and evangelistic message for a new generation of viewers.
The Sheen Foundation has arranged seven screenings of "Servant of All" later this month --in California, Colorado, Indiana and New Jersey-- and is making arrangements to show the film in other cities across the U.S. throughout 2010.
The possible canonization of the archbishop, whose cause was launched in 2002, represents a milestone for the Church in the U.S., as no American-born member of the episcopate has yet been declared a saint.
Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R., an official advocate of Sheen's cause for sainthood, thinks his legacy is more crucial now than ever before. "We can't let his voice go silent," Fr. Apostoli said on the official website for the movie. "There's too much at stake."