Friday, October 9, 2020

Pope Pius XII

 Pope Pius XII died on Oct 9, 1958

"EACH YEAR I WOULD DISCUSS WITH POPE PIUS XII the subjects that I would talk about on radio for the coming year. During one audience this noble, aristocratic Pontiff stood up at his desk; I, who was seated alongside him, stood up also. He placed before himself a paper in his own handwriting and began reading. I was struck by the unusual nature of the procedure and was surprised both at the contents and the manner in which he addressed me. Humility forbids me to reveal all that he said about my being a ‘prophet of the times’ and that ‘you will have a high place in heaven.’ Nothing that he said was infallible, of course, but his words gave me much consolation.”
(Fulton Sheen’s Autobiography Treasure in Clay)